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Help people thrive, not just survive


A Tipping Point

“So many bad, weird things have happened in my life. Even living in my car for a year didn’t seem that bad.”

Aaron’s back injury from a construction accident was the tipping point. Disabled to the point of not being able to work brought on anxiety and then depression. Then his marriage ended and his car became his home. “The winters were the worst, but I had two heavy Army sleeping bags good to 300 below zero so I survived.”

One day someone from Loveland’s Community Kitchen suggested that he call Disabled Resource Services. Calling DRS set his life on a new course. “I’m uncomfortable asking for help, but I’m so glad I did.” DRS advocated for Aaron for healthcare and housing. Staff assisted him in getting to the doctor, renewing his medications, and applying for a Section 8 low income housing voucher. Then an opening occurred at a rental home owned by Neighbor to Neighbor and managed by DRS. Aaron was prepared to seize the opportunity and he was invited to join the two other formerly homeless people living in this house. In just six short weeks Aaron went from homeless without a plan to having a home and the opportunity to get his life on track.

“I’ve only been happy a few times in my life…and this is one of them,” Aaron said. “My future is open – the ball’s in my court. I’ve never felt this independent before. DRS gave me a new lease on life.”